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Mashufaa classes run approximately two and half-hours, consisting of fitness, with defensive and offensive techniques. The anaerobic exercise throughout the class assist in losing fat and the normalization of body weight, creating a trim and healthy body with increased personal confidence.


Martial art schools, wanafunzi (students) are awarded on their completion of each grade with coloured belts, designating their proficiency at that level. But the Mashufaa method of teaching assures demarcation of grade does not limit what the wanafunzi can learn. By assuring regular attendance and attention to the demonstrations of the Mwalimu (instructors), each wanafunzi will be taught varied techniques above and beyond the prior stages of Mashufaa.


Martial arts are perceived by many to be purely about fighting but it embodies so much more. Martial arts/ Mashufaa gives you greater insight into your physical and spiritual self. Like all successful physical training, Mashufaa is challenging, enjoyable and highly rewarding. You will learn to excel through determination and persistence, converting your unrealised physical and mental ability into a total system of self-protection and development.

We run various types of self-defence, fitness, self-awareness and self- development workshops for children, women and mixed gender groups. They aim to develop self-discipline and self-confidence. Clients include educational, voluntary and corporate establishments. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together in planning a programme of activities that will benefit your group or organisation.

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Children: £5.00


Adults are required to register with Mashufaa prior to attending our classes.


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